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Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

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Qualification Gained

5 FHT CPD credits (also eligible for CPD points with most professional associations)

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When a woman becomes pregnant, her body goes through a multitude of physical changes and adaptations - mentally and emotionally there are usually changes too and this  all happens whilst she is not only the process of growing her baby, but preparing to delivering it into the world.

In preparing and writing this course, we have worked very closely with an Obstetrics Registrar, who has endorsed the contents of the manual to ensure that it is medically and clinically accurate and correct – she has also very kindly given her medical and clinical views on the benefits of massage in Pregnancy – we thank her very much indeed for her help and endorsement.

In her final comments to the school, she says:-

'Research has linked stress and subsequent increased Cortisol levels with adverse pregnancy outcomes such as premature labour, and reduced birth weight. There has also been evidence to link increased maternal stress with the future cognitive development of the foetus. Pregnancy can be a stressful time for a woman, especially with external unforeseen circumstances and  pre-existing mental health problems which are becoming more prevalent in the modern world. The benefits of massage both ante-natally and post-natally should not be underestimated both for the mental wellbeing of the mother, and also for the immediate and longer term wellbeing of the foetus'

This course will equip you to understand these processes and to safely treat pregnant clients with nurturing and healing massage through all stages of their pregnancy, and to ease the common discomforts associated with pregnancy. 

The course is unusual in that it also deals with post-natal massage, an area which is often neglected, and will set you apart from those only trained in pregnancy massage.

This CPD course is suitable for therapists qualified in massage and anatomy and physiology to a UK recognised qualification at level 3 or above


The Pregnancy Massage course is an intensive course that is unique in that we provide training in safe techniques for massage in the first as well as the second and third trimesters. Students will also learn and understand -

  • Anatomical and Physiological changes during the three trimesters  
  • Towel Management and maintaining clients dignity  
  • Looking after your posture while working on a pregnant client  
  • Client consultation and contra-indications  
  • After care advice and strengthening exercises 
  • Common conditions during pregnancy  
  • Serious and life-threatening complications of pregnancy  
  • Contra-indications to pregnancy massage 
  • Changes and adjustments during the first 6 weeks 25  
  • Massage during the first trimester 
  • Massage during the second trimester, comfort and positioning 
  • Side-lying techniques for the second and third trimester  
  • Post-natal massage 
  • Techniques for healing from labour 
  • Post-delivery exercise advice 16 Marketing pregnancy massage


ITEC Anatomy, Physiology & Holistic Massage or equivalent

Cost Includes 
  • One Day Intensive course
  • Certification on completion of the course
  • 8 hours of guided learning for practical and theory
  • Price includes our exclusive pre-learning booklet supplied prior to the course 
  • Comprehensive manual exclusive to this course also provided on the day 6
  • Couches, massage oils for the practical sessions are supplied - students will need to supply towels and a pillow for the practical training.

Student Feedback about this course

"Your pregnancy massage course has been invaluable in my progression as a therapist, and it has benefited me in so many ways I am forever grateful.”"
Submitted by PM (Jan 12th 2017)

"Excellent day, very informative and useful."
Submitted by LF (Jun 23rd 2016)

"Thank you so much Annette for all your help and support on the course. It was a brilliant day."
Submitted by PJ (Jun 23rd 2016)

"I am pleased to have taken part in the course and have enjoyed every bit of it. Very informative!"
Submitted by SO (Jun 23rd 2016)

"Excellent course, lots of info and practice, very pleased with the course structure."
Submitted by PM (Jun 15th 2016)

" Looking forward to attending more courses "
Submitted by F.Thomson (Apr 16th 2013)

" Clear and detailed explanations. Lots of interesting additional info. Great fun informative day. Thanks Amy "
Submitted by I. Majsai (Apr 14th 2013)

" A really enjoyable day - thanks Amy! "
Submitted by J.Poole (May 13th 2013)

" Tutor was very friendly so easy to learn as I felt comfortable to ask questions "
Submitted by S. Child (Apr 16th 2013)

" Great tutor, made it interesting and accessible plus covered lots of material "
Submitted by P. Aebischer (Jun 11th 2013)

" Very informative. Great tutor. "
Submitted by L.Ward (Aug 8th 2012)

" Annette was a fantastic teacher with lots of knowledge and experience. Very friendly, so yes, would attend another course. Really enjoyed the day "
Submitted by L. Cameron (Feb 13th 2013)

" I am pleased with the course and would certainly attend another one at this venue. I now feel confident in massage for pregnancy. Thank you "
Submitted by P. Wollerton (May 7th 2013)

" I just wanted to drop you and Sarah a note of thanks for running such a great course. It really helped build my confidence in treating my pregnant clients, of whom I have seen 2 this week, and both have re-booked for next week as well! I learnt a lot that I have already been able to put in to practice. It was a long way to travel, but very much worth it. Many thanks again. "
Submitted by Charlotte (Oct 22nd 2009)

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Dates for this course
May 13th
Venue Details: Balance Physio Clapham
Tutor: Annette Kirkley
Note: This is a 1 day course
and is held on a Weekend
Cost: £160.00
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