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Massaging People with Dementia

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Qualification Gained

Certificate of Atttendance with 5 CPD points with FHT and CThA available.

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Accredited by:


Massaging People who have Dementia is a ground-breaking 1day training course which will give you the tools to set up a positive, relationship with a client who has dementia. This course has won the FHT award for Excellence In Pracrice and Innovation.

The course is for people who are already qualified in massage or hands on therapies, but wish to advance their skills, and build on their current knowledge to give them the confidence to practice more proficiently in this field. It is also available to any carers or professionals who wish to use meaningful, nurturing touch as a means of compassionately communicating with their loved ones or clients. This is a great forum for exchange of experience & expertise for everyone who attends.

The course will dispel some of the myths around dementia as well as celebrate the positive aspects. Understanding your client or the person you care for equips you better to give them a
massage treatment so they will benefit for longer.

This is a very exciting opportunity to attend a unique, & in turn, fun & profound training day which combines the cutting edge techniques of being able to genuinely enable people with dementia feel more comfortable about touch. Through this course you will gain the skills to deliver a fantastic hands-on package to some wonderful people.

For further information, please click here to read an article published in the the FHT magazine by the tutor Nicolle Mitchell.



  • Defining Dementia, dispelling some myths
  • Benefits of massage
  • Contra-indications
  • Building relationships with clients - great guidelines for a more fruitful relationship
  • Permission & Touch, Legislation
  • Building relationships with carers
  • Look after yourself! Positioning, posture & protection,
  • Contracts
  • Massage techniques that suit your clients’ mindset
  • Holistic Approaches & Useful Research

ITEC Anatomy, Physiology & Holistic Massage or equivalent or desire to build a positive relationship with someone who lives with dementia through meaningful touch

  • 7 hours of guided learning of which at least 3 hours are hands on massage
  • Comprehensive Manual
  • Carrier oils during practical sessions
  • A certificate of attendance
  • A friendly and relaxed learning environment

Student Feedback about this course

" Your course ‘massage for dementia’ was truly inspirational and has fuelled us in the creation of our new business, so this is an update on our progress in the last four months. "We have been massaging in one care home for a while now; massaging a few private patients weekly. Pip’s prior contacts in the, plus our weekly presence has opened up the opportunity to demonstrate our skills to the other residents, this we do in the form of a ‘pamper day’.The ‘pamper days’ are something we started before christmas at another care home, with great success. There, we arranged a meeting with the matron and activities manager and offered our service for a morning, free of charge. We had a huge response; which made the home, particularly the activities manager, the patients and ourselves look and feel superb! We now massage in that home each month with a minimum of 10 patients. We are currently in dialogue with a third home and will offer another pamper day with the aim of watching our business grow, one home at a time. Also, Pip through a spontaneous and somewhat random conversation with her G.P, enrolled her in the benefits of touch as a form of communication. The G. P. has asked for as many pamphlets and cards as we can provide. The pamphlets can make us known to more private patients and more importantly to relatives of patients, which can then gain us access to more care and private homes. It is extremely early days, however we are finding that if you can get yourself into a position of demonstrating what is possible with our therapy, enrolling others into your world inevitably follows. So thank you for teaching and inspiring us, and please share this with future therapists, the more that our out there doing our work, the more our work will flow." Victoria Brill, Mind Body and Soul Massage Therapy "
Submitted by Victoria Brill (Mar 10th 2014)

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