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Chair Massage Plus (Incorporating Advanced Techniques)

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Diploma in Chair Massage Plus

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There’s no denying that the modern work life style encourages extended periods of sitting, particularly in front of work stations and computers. This in itself can bring not only associated stress and headaches, but muscle tightness and dysfunction, soreness and pain.
For those looking to offer a stress relief and muscle dysfunction chair massage and much more, this new, innovative and unique two day course will take your skills, repertoire and massage business to new heights.

On day one you learn how to deliver a highly mobile and effective 10- 30 minute stress busting and tension relieving adaptable routine. This part of the course combines acupressure, holistic and deep tissue techniques to impact on all body systems whilst sitting fully clothed in any environment. You'll be surprised how efficient this treatment can be in minimal time making it more affordable and viable for those with little time to spare.
On day two you will progress on to some Remedial style techniques - 'Remedial' because they introduce the therapist to new concepts of muscle work, similar to those used in sport and remedial massage, which enhance the effectiveness of the routine, gaining significant positive results for their clients in a surprisingly easy and short space of time.
An excellent course for those wishing to make an impact in the commercial market of chair massage or those with a desire to expand their skill set and understanding of muscle dysfunction and solutions for office based staff and other industries.

Please note that students should hold a minimum acceptable qualification of Level 3 or above in either Swedish/Holistic/Body/Sports Massage.

It is not a requirement to hold a sports massage qualification in order to undertake day two of this course.

At the end of the course, successful students will be issued with a Diploma in Chair Massage Plus.


Day one will focus upon:-

  • Positioning your client correctly on the chair for maximum comfort and minimal stress, whilst observing good standards of hygiene for continuous workplace massage clients.
  • The theory of acupressure and why this ancient tradition is still highly thought of today in the modern world
  • Cautions and contra-indications
  • Re-cap and revision of standard ‘holistic style’ massage and deep tissue techniques and how these are adapted for the chair.
  • Ensuring that the therapist is able to adapt their posture for effective and safe working with fully clothed clients and without the use of oil and other massage mediums.
  • At the end of the day, the student will be able to demonstrate an effective and highly sought after massage routine for their future clients.

Day two will focus upon:-

Re-cap of day one and the routine, followed by advanced techniques

  • Soft Tissue Release (STR) in the seated position
  • Muscle Energy Techniques (METs) for the seated position
  • Neuro-Muscular Techniques (NMT’s)
  • Release in Motion
  • Stretching and aftercare advice
  • How these techniques will enhance and fit in with the routine learned on day one, with plenty of time for practise.

  • 14 hours of guided learning of which at least 12 hours are hands on massage
  • Comprehensive Manual exclusive to SNT
  • Massage Chairs and associated equipment for use in class
  • Advice on selecting and purchasing your own chair
  • A Diploma from School of Natural Therapies
  • A friendly and relaxed learning environment

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