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Deep Tissue - Full Body

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Qualification Gained

Certificate from the School of Natural Therapies

10 FHT CPD credits

Accredited by:


Is there anything more debilitating than pain? That deep, nagging discomfort that just won’t shift, no matter what. This common complaint leaves many therapists perplexed and many clients achieving only temporary relief.
In this two day course we will examine some of the many cases of shoulder pain and learn new techniques that might help deal with the discomfort and help prevent recurrence. Along with the lower back it is an area where relief can be felt most immediately.

Deep Tissue Massage
During the course, students will also learn the techniques of delivering deep tissue massage, not only to the shoulder area, but also to the upper and lower back – another area where clients are in need of effective deeper massage.

Remedial Massage Techniques
We will also be exploring palpation and client observation skills, as well as identifying and dealing with troublesome trigger points, allowing the student to learn new ways of providing pain relief and to treat  lack of mobility, again providing effective relief to their clients.


•    Conditions affecting the head, neck & shoulders
•    Identifying points of pain, weakness and fatigue
•    Observation, Palpation & Postural Analysis Techniques
•    Exercises in testing for weakness
•    Mobilisation techniques
•    Deep tissue techniques, which can also be applied to other areas of the body
•    Vibration
•    Dealing with trigger points
•    Myofascial release
•    Stretching Exercises
•    How to integrate all these 'techniques' into a massage session
•    Contra-indications
•    Conditions that require referral

ITEC Anatomy, Physiology & Holistic Massage (Level 3) or equivalent

• 14 hours of guided learning of which at least 11 hours are hands on massage
• Comprehensive Manual exclusive to SNT
• Couches, towels, bolsters and carrier oils during practical sessions
• A Certificate from School of Natural Therapies
• A friendly and relaxed learning environment



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Class dates for this course
Weekend course
Nov: 22nd, 23rd
Location:  Clapham SW4
Tutor:  Joseph O’Dwyer
Note: Course runs for a total of 2 days
and is held on a Weekend
Cost: £180.00
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