Joseph O’Dwyer

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Joseph's interest in massage was first evoked following years of unresolved back pain.
Having always been involved in sport ….  spending his youth as a competitive Judo player, his University years as a powerlifter and the last 15 studying Kempo Jujitsu, Joseph had unwittingly imbalanced his musco-skeletal system.
His overuse injury had not only been a painful but expensive journey, which finally ended as he sought answers at the School of Natural Therapies.

"Having felt 'at home' from the first day of attending the SNT, I realised I was in the company of true professionals who detected and addressed my back issue with ease. I needed no more convincing of the value of massage therapy and it's associated skills …. I was hooked and haven't stop studying, practising and delivering treatments since.

It's an absolute honour and privilege to be back at the School of Natural Therapies as a tutor. My intention is to bring my own passion and style to lift the skills of all our students to reach their full potential during their learning experience."

Joseph's Qualifications

  • ITEC Anatomy & Physiology -School of Natural Therapies - 2011
  • ITEC Holistic Massage -School of Natural Therapies - 2011
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • BTEC Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage -School of Natural Therapies - 2013
  • PTTLS Teacher Training Certificate -Advanced Training Academy - Croydon - 2013
  • BA Theology and Philosophy
  • Member of ISRM
  • Kempo Jujitsu Instructor
  • Qualified with John Gibbons as a 'Bodymaster Method ® Practitioner



What our students have said about Joseph O’Dwyer

"I've done my L3 in Sports Massage and L5 in Clinical Sports and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy with the School of Natural Therapies and I've been delighted by the service and care I've received. The teaching is thorough, the practical work is taken to a standard well beyond what is required in the exam. I've found Trevor's teaching style very engaging - he's able to bring aliveness into otherwise dry theory like Anatomy and Physiology. Joseph has been an inspirational guide, teacher and mentor. His knowledge and deep passion for the profession shine through every session and were instrumental in giving me inspiration to transition out of a corporate desk job to being a soft tissue therapist."
Submitted by Martin S Petkov (Jan 31st 2018)

"I did the ITEC Level 3 & BTEC Level 5 courses. The tutors were all absolutely brilliant as was all course contents. Even when I had not finished the course and doing case studies clients often asked where I was studying and it was my pleasure to say SNT. It was re-iterated to us throughout the course that the idea was to make us great therapists and not just students who made it through or passed an exam, what great focus. The standards were always high and all the tutors supported us in all the right ways including trusting that their teaching and our ability as students to learn would make us great therapists. In particular Joseph, Trevor and Luke I cannot thank you enough and I will always be grateful that I made the right choice in choosing to learn massage therapy at SNT. So I now just need Joseph & all at SNT to make sure they run all the CPD courses I wish to attend going forwards and we're sorted. SNT rocks and I am beyond grateful to be an alumni. I am inspired to be the best therapist I can be and I have SNT to thank for that. I had a such fabulous experience at SNT that I am actually going to miss the tutors! "
Submitted by Patsy Jawo (Aug 8th 2017)

""The Deep Tissue Massage course is quite simply amazing! They teach you so much more then standard massage courses. Connection work with your client is the key lesson to the course, learning to communicate through your hands is a wonderful experience and an essential skill if you want to be a good massage therapist. The standard of instruction for this course was fantastic and thorough. Joseph was very attentive teacher, explaining the different techniques in a clear, concise way. Engaging with the other students for practice was extremely beneficial for learning . I feel privileged to have learned deep tissue massage at School of Natural Therapies and would definitely recommend it." Many thanks Joseph, Dagmara Witkowska"
Submitted by Dagmara Witkowska (Oct 4th 2016)

" The recent Deep Tissue Massage course with SNT was amazing. It only adds to the confidence of the therapist when performing treatments. There’s a huge amount of valuable information to take on board, postural assessment, great techniques and above all how to reduce any chance of strain to the therapist. I’d highly recommend, the knowledge gained has been invaluable in helping clients with specific areas of concern that require deeper treatment. The course really opens up a whole new world with regard to treatment offerings for the therapist and you leave the course confident in your ability to apply in practice. Superb! "
Submitted by Alex Mukosi (Jun 20th 2015)

" I greatly enjoyed the weekend CPD course, which I found informative, engaging, and enriching.  Joseph is a generous tutor, whose teaching extends beyond the restricted domain of the course to relevant areas of client care, advanced anatomy, physiology, and pathology, and standards of conscientious business practice.  Modestly, he reveals his inspiring sources, which provided me with the opportunity to expand my study of the subject he taught through further reading and research.  His teaching is saturated with enlightening principles that could transform relatively uninspiring prescriptive routines into thoughtful and playfully creative therapeutic treatments.  I found his instructed, result-oriented approach refreshing and equally beneficial to my development as a therapist and to my future clients. Yaakov "
Submitted by YP (Mar 5th 2015)

" I thank you sincerely for all your kind expertise and motivation, it was much appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you.   "
Submitted by Carmen Da Silva (Sep 9th 2014)

" Joseph is a great tutor to work with - his teaching style is relaxed but highly supportive, consistently pushing students to reach their best. He shares his extensive experience with warmth and humour, providing excellent feedback and encouragement throughout written assignments. Perfect. Thank you! "
Submitted by Sarah Little (Sep 9th 2014)

" For anyone wondering whether to join or are yet to start a course with the School of Natural Therapies, I highly recommend it. During my experience I was guided in the right direction to succeed throughout (by all my tutors) and it certainly works because I am delighted with my grade! My tutors Helen, Suz, Joseph, Iris and Trevor all went above and beyond to answer my many questions and provide me with really thorough, encouraging and useful feedback. The amount I learnt in such a short time is unbelievable. All the staff at SNT are so friendly and I will definitely be returning for further courses and now I've been, couldn't imagine choosing any other school. Thank you to everyone who helped me reach my goal! (Marc, Duncan, Helen, Joseph, Suz, Trevor and Iris and everyone else involved) Alison Fay Clarke "
Submitted by Alison Clarke (Aug 22nd 2014)

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