Kush Kumar

My name is Kush Kumar & have been born & brought up in England. 

I am a fully qualified lecturer, trainer & therapist; my work takes me into universities, colleges & private institutions. I am also part of the Think Tree Hub education team & teach private advanced, in depth courses. 

I am an educator, author and hold prominent positions within the industry. 

The therapy that I teach is the Authentic Indian Head Massage, dating back from many years ago as both therapy and as a tool for communication. 

My concept is to teach a method of relaxation & stress relief to therapists taking into consideration the many factors around human behaviour. The Eastern philosophy is adapted into a natural way for the West to accept & follow. 

On a spiritual level I introduce a means of focus, clarity & vision. This therapy can be taken too many levels depending on the therapist’s own ability to balance & create peace & calm. 

The techniques are gentle & work with the natural flow of the body’s own energies, uplifting & invigorating releasing stress & tension.

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