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Advanced and Deep Tissue Massage

Qualification gained: Certificate from the School of Natural Therapies (10 FHT CPD credits)

This dynamic two day course had been designed drawing upon hundreds of hours of ‘hands on’ experience to stimulate the students creativity with tried and practiced techniques, concepts and first hand experience to broaden the understanding and application.

Deep Tissue Massage aims to address long term muscular issues, break down adhesive build up, reduce postural dysfunction and pain. Through expanding the Therapist tool kit, they will be better equipped to make a significant difference to their clientele, helping to build a sound reputation and solid client base.

Over the two days the Therapist will learn how to fully exploit the various angles of approach to deal with a clients muscular problems over and above the standard ‘cookie cutter’ style massage, half a treatment on the front, half on the back…setting them apart from the rest of the field. Utilising side lying and 3/4 leg positions to access areas all to often left unaddressed, yet so important in the maintaining and reaching peak performance and function.

Various strategies will be discussed to help understand why a client continues to present with the same symptoms, despite previous treatments. How to formulate a plan to get to the root cause of imbalance and pain

The principles of Deep Tissue Massage are taught, together with a wide variety of strokes and anatomical concepts to build confidence and enhance a greater sensitivity of touch.

This Remedial style course is the perfect step for those wishing to build on their existing massage skills, taking their treatments to a more effective considered level.

Course Structure

The course will cover the entire body (excluding for the abdomen)

Day 1

The focus is from the ASIS (Anterior Superior Iliac Spine) down

  • To include the Posterior/Anterior/Medial compartments of the legs and lower Gluteal region

Day 2

The focus is from the ASIS up

  • To include the Upper/Lower Back region, Neck, Anterior Upper Chest and Arms

Course Fees

Course cost £287
A deposit of £57.40 (20%) will secure your place.

Once received a confirmation email, additional course details together with the banking details for the outstanding balance (£229.60) payable prior to the course start will be sent to you.

Cost includes:

  •  14 hours of guided learning of which at least 11 hours are hands on massage
  • Comprehensive Manual exclusive to  The School of Natural Therapies
  • Professional Songbird Massage Wax for the duration of the course
  • Advice, guidance and discount code with choosing and purchasing a quality massage couch and equipment.
  • A wide selection of discounted relevant massage, anatomy and other lotus publication books
  • A friendly and relaxed learning environment


Do I need massage experience to take this course?
Yes, the course intention is for the professional therapist to expand, build upon and add to their existing massage skills, understanding and qualifications. An ITEC Anatomy, Physiology & Holistic Massage (Level 3) or equivalent would be necessary to gain the most from the this course.

What times are the courses?
This is a two day course, scheduled from 9.30am until 5pm. Attendees are asked to arrive 15 minutes earlier on the first day for registration.

How do I secure a place on this course?
The course is booked via our website. Simply register and pay the deposit.

An acknowledgement email will be sent to you with venue, dates and payment balance details.

What do I need to bring?
You will need 2 large towels for your personal use and short smooth finger nails.

May I video the practical demonstrations?
Certainly, provided this is agreeable with the person on the couch. However, we do insist that no uploading will be made to any social network platform.

Course Tutor

Joseph O'Dwyer

Joseph O’Dwyer

Course Dates and Info

Sept 24th/25th (Tuesday/Wednesday)



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Latest Reviews

5 star rating

The Advanced Deep Tissue Massage Course with Joseph O’Dwyer was outstanding! Professional & knowledgeable Tutor with excellent training materials provided. It was very well structured and understandable.
If you are feeling stuck and repeating the same treatments with no improvements, then this place is for you. Joseph will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in your practice and help your clients achieve their goals. I highly recommend the course and Joseph as a Tutor to anyone seeking to advance their skills in Deep Tissue massage.

Jolanta (May 2, 2024)

5 star rating

This was my second time at the School of Natural Therapies, after completing my Level 3 in Holistic massage last year, I chose to return to deepen my knowledge with Joseph’s CPD Advanced & Deep tissue course. I am very pleased and content with the information and practical work that was provided by Joseph, his expertise and approach was easy to digest and understand. It was spread across 2 days, and as the name suggests it was advanced so was a touch intense at times with how much information was being shared – but he allowed plenty of time for practical work so we can practise the massage strokes and skills provided. Would highly recommend choosing SNT for your introduction or development of skills in the field of Health & Wellness. Thank you Joseph!

Nikita (November 12, 2023)

5 star rating

After completing my level 3 diploma which was brilliant, I did the advanced and deep tissue course with Joseph and can’t recommend it enough! The two day course offers you so much to learn and a chance to develop your skills from Joseph’s knowledge and years of experience. It offers the tools, advice and support to advance your techniques to help structure your treatments to your individual clients needs. Joseph creates a great atmosphere and balance of professional learning and lots of laughs! I will definitely be coming back to do more courses and eventually my level 3 sports massage, thankyou!

Jazmin Harrison-Mulholland (June 24, 2023)

5 star rating

I can’t recommend this course enough. The two days are absolutely packed with valuable techniques that can be applied straightaway, and also topics to take away and explore further. But more than that, a critcal approach to treating clients is taught, which will stand any therapist in good stead regardless of skill or experience level. Not only are some unusual relationships discussed for client issues, but there’s a strong focus on body mechanics and protecting the therapist. Joseph is generous with his knowledge, clear in his instruction and also skilled at capturing and addressing the nuanced complexities that come with treating client’s issues. I was able to use some of the techniques the following day for my regulars with immediate results. We were given a valuable manual and practice the techniques we learnt. Be prepared to take lots of notes and continue practicing outside the lessons.

Ariel (December 12, 2022)

5 star rating

I ended one of the most beautiful and beneficial experiences of my life
a 2-day deep tissue massage course. It seems like a trivial thing, but I had a great experience thanks to my mentor, the teacher
Joseph O’Dwyer. He is an extraordinary man, with a special charisma, the kind of man who will stay in your memory for life. Thank you Joseph for sharing your experience with us and see you at the next course. Surely!

Marius Gabriel Sava (May 6, 2022)

5 star rating

I recently attended the Advanced deep tissue massage course with Joseph. I am looking to start up my passion for massage again having studied it many years ago and I found this course online. I was so impressed with the knowledge and teaching techniques which Joseph displayed. He made everything easy to understand and was so helpful if you were unsure of any aspect. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day course and will be using his well taught skills in the future. I highly recommend this course.

Alix murland (February 23, 2022)