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ITEC Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for the Complementary Therapist QN 603/4100/2

Qualification gained: ITEC Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapies

This ITEC Level 3 diploma course is the essential ‘foundation’ for which all other Complementary, Health and Well-being, Beauty, Massage and Sports  therapy diploma awards are based. It is essential for anyone who intends to work in direct contact with the human body and it’s structures.

For many years it has been widely recognised in the educational field that the most effective learning takes place when the learner’s senses are activated on a multiple level – in other words, Seeing, Hearing AND Doing!!!

That’s why you’ll only see us promoting classroom based learning and not on line/PC based learning, so that ALL learning styles and senses are stimulated and included.

It also offers the learner the opportunity to question and clarify a subject as complex as A&P……there and then.

Take a look at the short clip below at one of our interactive classroom based sessions and decide which way you’d like to learn!!!

Course Structure

The A&P courses run from 9.30am to 1.30pm.

This course provides a sound and thorough knowledge for anybody considering studying any of the following disciplines:

  • Body Massage
  • Sports and Remedial Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Health and Well-being/Exercise (eg: Yoga or Pilates)

The course is comprised of the following unit.

ITEC Unit 383, Knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapies
(Multiple choice theory test 50 questions on exam day – 55 minute paper.

Human Anatomy and Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapies, covering all major systems and their functions, incorporating:

  • Cell Structure, Tissue and Skin Cellular Composition
  • Muscular and Skeletal Systems
  • Cardiovascular – Heart and Blood Circulation
  • Lymphatic System – Lymph glands and production of Tissue Fluid
  • Neurological System – Brain and Nervous System
  • Endocrine System – Hormonal producing organs and role of hormones in the human body
  • Respiratory System – Lungs and air pathways
  • Digestive System
  • Genito-Urinary System – Kidneys and water metabolism
  • Reproductive System

Small  ‘fill in the gaps’ exercises are set to cover the pathology component.

If you are studying this unit alone ie. not alongside a physical therapy, there will be one extra assignment for students to complete at home to meet all the learning objectives.

Course Fees

Level 3 ONLY £599.00
A deposit of £120.00 will secure your place.

Course fees may be paid in full or the balance may be spread over three monthly instalments of £170.00  (This includes a 5% admin fee)

The course fees include the following:

  • Guided learning in class with tutor support.
  • Direction and support for home study.
  • Comprehensive SNT level 3 course notes manual.
  • ITEC examination fees and final certificate.
  • A copy of Louise Tucker’s Introductory Guide to Anatomy & Physiology text book
  • Note pad and pen.
  • A friendly and relaxed learning environment


What are the entry requirements for this course?
Where possible, it is recommended that candidates have achieved a level of qualification equivalent to 5 GCSEs at Grades A – C; however The School of Natural Therapies and ITEC will make exemptions for foreign and UK students with equivalent qualifications or adult returners with experience of the workplace.

Exam Details

  • The qualification will be externally assessed by an 50 question multiple choice paper (MCQ) on a choice of dates throughout the year – please contact the school to confirm dates available.
  • 1 home study assignment demonstrating knowledge of the structure, function and two key diseases/disorders that may affect the body systems (this particular assignment is only applicable to those studying A&P only without an accompanying physical therapy)

Course Tutor

Helen Cameron-Lee

Helen Cameron-Lee

Course Dates

Next Weekend Course (13 half days 9:30am – 1:30pm + exam day):

Apr: 18, 19
May: 2, 3, 9, 30, 31
Jun: 13, 14, 27, 28
Jul: 4, 5,  18 (exam)


Following Weekend Course (13 half days 9:30am – 1:30pm + exam day):

Sept – Dec 2020 – dates will be posted soon.

Exam 12th Dec 2020

Examining Body


ITEC is an international examination board offering a variety of qualifications worldwide.

Latest Reviews

5 star rating

This is a fabulous school to learn in, I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have just completed an ITEC Level 3 in Anatomy and Physiology over 3 months, which was an absolute pleasure, intense but made completely fabulous & fun (yes fun!) by the truly amazing and inspiring Helen. Without doubt the best teacher/tutor I have ever had the privilege to learn from. I did the course as part of a Reflexology diploma and Julie, the tutor is also another wonderful human/ tutor! If you are looking around for a course in massage, reflexology etc, don’t look any further, there is no need.

Katy Dickson (January 31, 2019)

5 star rating

Studying A&P at The School of Natural Therapies has greatly increased my knowledge and understanding of the relevant course material. Helen is an outstanding teacher, with highly effective methods of kinesthetic and visual teaching and learning strategies, and as a teacher myself, I would be honoured to have as high a regard from my own students as I have for her. The school is very flexible and takes into account learner needs and differentiation, and the course is offered at a competitive price and is most definitely worth doing.

Lewis (December 24, 2018)

5 star rating

HIGHLY recommend this AP&P course. Helen, the tutor, made every lesson fascinating, inspiring and with great techniques to help absorb and understand the syllabus. Wish all my teachers at school had been like this! Can’t recommend enough.

Lucy Ward (December 7, 2018)

5 star rating

Throughout the course, there has been tons of entertaining, not only educational but a interactive type of learning that will develop over the few months. The course is really amazing to enroll into and the teachers there are really amazing and reliable to help you in guiding you with your learning and also to enforce you in doing your best throughout this course. I loved my experience in being with this instituition.

Sean Ocampo (December 6, 2018)

5 star rating

I am so glad I decided to do a class based course in Anatomy & Physiology. It made a world of difference to the whole learning experience. I had no prior knowledge of the subject and cannot even remember the biology I studied at school! Helen the tutor is great. She has a fun way of getting her students to understand the subject and I am happy to say I successfully passed the exam! This is has given me the foundation I need to progress to other courses.

Fiona M (August 8, 2018)

5 star rating

This is course was fantastic, clear modules, enagaging and although very challenging, Helen was very patient and would break it down so it was easier to digest, she made that course great. I enjoyed going to every class and the homework. This course has given me the springboard to go on and further my studies in natural therapies and can’t wait to start a new career. I would definitely consider studying again with SNT. Thanks Helen and the team at SNT!

Melanie (July 6, 2018)