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Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

Qualification gained: 5 FHT CPD credits (also eligible for CPD points with most professional associations)

When a woman becomes pregnant, her body goes through a multitude of physical changes and adaptations – mentally and emotionally there are usually changes too and this  all happens whilst she is not only the process of growing her baby, but preparing to delivering it into the world.

In preparing and writing this course, we have worked very closely with an Obstetrics Registrar, who has endorsed the contents of the manual to ensure that it is medically and clinically accurate and correct – she has also very kindly given her medical and clinical views on the benefits of massage in Pregnancy – we thank her very much indeed for her help and endorsement.

In her final comments to the school, she says: “Research has linked stress and subsequent increased Cortisol levels with adverse pregnancy outcomes such as premature labour, and reduced birth weight. There has also been evidence to link increased maternal stress with the future cognitive development of the foetus. Pregnancy can be a stressful time for a woman, especially with external unforeseen circumstances and  pre-existing mental health problems which are becoming more prevalent in the modern world. The benefits of massage both ante-natally and post-natally should not be underestimated both for the mental wellbeing of the mother, and also for the immediate and longer term wellbeing of the foetus”

This course will equip you to understand these processes and to safely treat pregnant clients with nurturing and healing massage through all stages of their pregnancy, and to ease the common discomforts associated with pregnancy.

The course is unusual in that it also deals with post-natal massage, an area which is often neglected, and will set you apart from those only trained in pregnancy massage.

This CPD course is suitable for therapists qualified in massage and anatomy and physiology to a UK recognised qualification at level 3 or above

Course Structure

The Pregnancy Massage course is an intensive course that is unique in that we provide training in safe techniques for massage in the first as well as the second and third trimesters. Students will also learn and understand –

  • Anatomical and Physiological changes during the three trimesters
  • Towel Management and maintaining clients dignity
  • Looking after your posture while working on a pregnant client
  • Client consultation and contra-indications
  • After care advice and strengthening exercises
  • Common conditions during pregnancy
  • Serious and life-threatening complications of pregnancy
  • Contra-indications to pregnancy massage
  • Changes and adjustments during the first 6 weeks 25
  • Massage during the first trimester
  • Massage during the second trimester, comfort and positioning
  • Side-lying techniques for the second and third trimester
  • Post-natal massage
  • Techniques for healing from labour
  • Post-delivery exercise advice 16 Marketing pregnancy massage

Course Fees

Course fee £160.00
Deposit to secure a place £32.00

Course fee includes:

  • Pre-course learning material
  • Comprehensive course manual on the day
  • Guided learning in class, both theoretical and practical, with tutor support
  • Direction and advice for further home study and marketing
  • FHT accredited certificate on completion of course
  • Friendly, relaxed environment


Are there any entry requirements to take this course?
ITEC Anatomy, Physiology & Holistic Massage or equivalent

Course Tutor

Melanie Dean

Melanie Dean

Course Dates and Info

Next Course (1 day): 

Friday 20th Sept 2024Clapham Venue



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Latest Reviews

5 star rating

Thank you Melaine and Trev😀
What an amazing Advanced Pregnacy/Postnatal course .I’ve already recommended fellow pregancy massage therapists sign up for your next training,as it will elevate the treatment they deliever. Again many thanks.

Nats Daley (May 3, 2024)

5 star rating

Melanie and Trevor are very knowledgeable tutors that explained and taught everything amazingly well.
I thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel confident to execute the new learnings professionally.
Thank you for a great day!

Judith (October 12, 2023)

5 star rating

I am very pleased to say that this has been a great experience for me. Wonderful tutors sharing their wealth of knowledge with such enthusiasm and humility. After completing the course, I left confidently knowing that I had this great experience to add to my tool kit because of the magnificent delivery of information. I highly recommend the school and this course.

Migel Aguillera (June 23, 2022)

5 star rating

“We highly recommend the courses and tutors at The School of Natural Therapies. We received Pregnancy and Post-Natal Massage training from Marc which was informative and engaging. It has enabled our team to expand their knowledge, elevate their techniques and has led to excellent feedback from our guests.”

Rebecca Whaley, Assistant Spa Manager, The Connaught (May 3, 2022)

5 star rating

I took the Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage course with Melanie and Trevor in Feb 2022 and now feel confident that I can add these services to my repertoire as a therapist. Far from a simple walkthrough of Dos and Don’ts, the day is packed with advice and insight into both the practical aspects of delivering pregnancy massage as well as the social, emotional and psychological dimensions of taking on a supporting role in the pregnancy and birthing journey.

Jamie Griffiths (February 6, 2022)

5 star rating

I took the pregnancy and post-natal massage course in August 2021, delivered by Melanie and Trevor. this was a top-class course, complete with material sent ahead of the start date and a booklet on the day to take notes and explain the movements we learnt. Trevor and Melanie are an absolute dream team and deliver the course content clearly and made the day so much fun. In addition to the techniques learnt on the course, there is a lot of information contained in the booklet regarding the complications of pregnancy and specific developments for each trimester, as well as important contraindications and forms that are specific to this type of massage which are essential for practitioners. I would highly recommend this course and the knowledgeable tutors that teach it.

Ariel Moreton (November 26, 2021)