Joseph O'Dwyer

Joseph’s interest in massage was first evoked following years of unresolved back pain.

Having always been involved in sport ….  spending his youth as a competitive Judo player, his University years as a powerlifter and the last 15 studying Kempo Jujitsu, Joseph had unwittingly imbalanced his musco-skeletal system.

His overuse injury had not only been a painful but expensive journey, which finally ended as he sought answers at the School of Natural Therapies.

“Having felt ‘at home’ from the first day of attending the SNT, I realised I was in the company of true professionals who detected and addressed my back issue with ease. I needed no more convincing of the value of massage therapy and it’s associated skills …. I was hooked and haven’t stop studying, practising and delivering treatments since.

It’s an absolute honour and privilege to be back at the School of Natural Therapies as a tutor. My intention is to bring my own passion and style to lift the skills of all our students to reach their full potential during their learning experience.”

Joseph’s Qualifications:

  • ITEC Anatomy & Physiology -School of Natural Therapies – 2011
  • ITEC Holistic Massage -School of Natural Therapies – 2011
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • BTEC Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage -School of Natural Therapies – 2013
  • PTTLS Teacher Training Certificate -Advanced Training Academy – Croydon – 2013
  • BA Theology and Philosophy
  • Member of ISRM
  • Kempo Jujitsu Instructor
  • Qualified with John Gibbons as a ‘Bodymaster Method ® Practitioner
  • Osteopathic Articulation
  • Medical Acupuncture

Student Reviews

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5 star rating

This was my second time at the School of Natural Therapies, after completing my Level 3 in Holistic massage last year, I chose to return to deepen my knowledge with Joseph’s CPD Advanced & Deep tissue course. I am very pleased and content with the information and practical work that was provided by Joseph, his expertise and approach was easy to digest and understand. It was spread across 2 days, and as the name suggests it was advanced so was a touch intense at times with how much information was being shared – but he allowed plenty of time for practical work so we can practise the massage strokes and skills provided. Would highly recommend choosing SNT for your introduction or development of skills in the field of Health & Wellness. Thank you Joseph!

Nikita (November 12, 2023)

5 star rating

Joseph’s deep tissue massage class left me thoroughly impressed. It stands out as one of the finest massage workshops I’ve experienced. I gained valuable insights to enhance my skills as an upcoming osteopath. I wholeheartedly recommend Joseph’s class without reservation. He went above and beyond to ensure our understanding of the techniques and their rationale, and for that, I can’t thank him enough. Joseph, you have my utmost appreciation.

Helena (September 28, 2023)

5 star rating

As a therapist, I had the privilege of being taught by two incredible instructors, Trevor and Josef, who have inspired me and taken my skill set to an unimaginable level. I can confidently say that if you are looking to excel in the field of sports massage, you need not look any further.

Trevor is a standout instructor for his expertise, insight, patience, and flexibility. His teaching style is engaging and always keeps the class motivated. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that his students understand the material and feel confident in their abilities. His dedication to his students is evident through his willingness to adjust his teaching methods to fit the learning style of each individual.

Joseph is equally exceptional, sharing with us his vast experience and providing his expertise and understanding of the field. He backs his students and provides the necessary support to ensure their success. His knowledge of the body and how it works is unparalleled, and he is always willing to answer any questions his students may have.

Together, Trevor and Joseph make a formidable team that will leave you feeling confident and empowered in your abilities as a sports massage therapist. Through their guidance and instruction, I have developed a deep love for the profession and a passion for helping people. Their enthusiasm for the field is contagious, and they have ingrained in me a drive to constantly improve and strive for excellence.

If you are feeling stuck and repeating the same treatments with no improvements, then this place is for you. Trevor and Josef will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in your practice and help your clients achieve their goals. I highly recommend them as instructors to anyone seeking to advance their skills in sports massage.

Karima Benaicha (April 15, 2023)

5 star rating

Just did a level 3 sports massage course here, with brilliant class mates and thoroughly enjoyed it! My fellow classmates and me were so lucky to have Joseph and Trevor, beautiful lris and Melanie as our tutors.
Enthusiasm, encouragement and support to ensure his students success is rare to find and I feel truly blessed to have Gifted tutors !
Definitely I will be back to get new skills for sport massage practice.
5 Stars for this school – SNT and tutors !!!

Romena G (May 24, 2022)

5 star rating

I ended one of the most beautiful and beneficial experiences of my life
a 2-day deep tissue massage course. It seems like a trivial thing, but I had a great experience thanks to my mentor, the teacher ,Joseph O’Dwyer. He is an extraordinary man, with a special charisma, the kind of man who will stay in your memory for life. Thank you Joseph for sharing your experience with us and see you at the next course. Surely!

Marius Gabriel Sava (May 6, 2022)

5 star rating

Its was such a nice experience!! Joseph is an amazing and kind tutor, i ve learned new technics and improved my knowleges. I recommend this school 100%

Siham Farid (October 15, 2021)