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My name is Marc Innes, and I am the owner and Principal of the School of Natural Therapies.

Since I took ownership of the school and the role of Principal, it has grown from a small but personal establishment, into one of the busiest training academies in London, specialising in Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage training and holistic massage therapy training, but without compromising that personal touch we have always had an outstanding reputation for.

We are also fast becoming a centre of excellence also for training in oncology related massage and you can read more about this below.

I have a background of 23 years NHS experience; latterly, I was a Superintendent of the 999-call centre for the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust, looking after the service provision of primary healthcare across London.

Having spent many years in the medical profession, I have an extensive knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology and I have been invited on several occasions to coach medical staff & Drs in resuscitation and emergency care procedures; this sound medical knowledge has also served me well in the massage and complementary therapy industry.

In 2007 I left the NHS to pursue a career in massage and holistic medicine, resulting in him purchasing and taking over the School of Natural Therapies (SNT) as Principal in 2010. The school is now a leading school for massage and holistic therapies in London. I always feel so proud of the school, and I am in always in awe of the fantastic team of tutors, that I am privileged to work with under the SNT structure.

I hold certification in the following modalities:

  • Reiki (Usui, Tibetan & Karuna Master)
  • Massage – various disciplines such as Holistic, Sports & Hot Stone and Pregnancy and Oncology.
  • First Aid Trainer
  • Lymphatic Drainage 
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping)


In 2016 Marc and The School of Natural Therapies, was the recipient of a Platinum Industry Award by BBC Radio 2 DJ and author, Janey Lee Grace.

In 2019, Marc was recognised in the spa industry as Inspirational Trainer of the Year, by the organisation TPOT (The Power of Touch) for his contribution in inspiring and training spa therapists to open their doors to clients with cancer – such people would have previously been turned from spas and salons, due to their condition.

Marc has spoken at various forums in the U.K. including London’s Olympia, as a panellist and industry expert on Oncology and massage. He has also presented internationally in Eastern Europe on this subject matter.

It is fascinating to combine what I have learnt over the years in the allopathic medical world, with massage and complementary health and I firmly believe that all disciplines can be ‘complementary’ with one another to help bring about ‘well-being’ and vitality for everyone who seek this kind of treatment.

I look forward to welcoming you to one or more of our popular courses here at the school.

SATCC (Standards Authority for Touch in Cancer Care)

Marc is a founder member of SATCC, a board of leading spa and wellness professionals, who have three aims: – 

  • A direct means for consumers to find SATCC accredited safe and welcoming salons, spas and therapists, who offer treatments for those touched by cancer.
  • A register of SATCC approved training providers for salons, spas and therapists to further their cancer education.
  • A source of inspiration, research and guidance for those scouring the internet for authenticity.

Naturally, The School of Natural Therapies are a SATCC approved course provider.

Please see link below for further information on SATCC: – 

SATCC | Standards Authority for Touch in Cancer Care