Nicolle Mitchell

Nicolle has practiced massage since 1998, constantly keeping up to date with professional development, training and research to improve knowledge and practice. She has a general practice in Cornwall where all are welcome to experience the benefits of her holistic and integrated approach to massage and wellbeing.

Nicolle has worked therapeutically with children, young people & people with additional needs for over 20 years, specialising in the field of dementia and taking a special interest in trauma. This led to her developing an approved/accredited course “Massaging Persons Living with Dementia”, the first course of its kind in the UK.

Group training is delivered across the UK, with 1 to 1 training provided in Cornwall. Nicolle works with organisations to facilitate bespoke packages to fit in with their training needs. She delivers talks, seminars, workshops and presentations on a variety of health issues for organisations, particularly in her specialist field of dementia and regularly advises colleagues in her areas of expertise.

Nicolle regularly visits clients who live with dementia to administer integrated massage treatments which involve aromatherapy and other creative therapeutic approaches.

Nicolle works part-time for the NHS in the adult speech and language department as a therapy assistant providing support to enable clinical rehabilitation to people who have issues with speaking and swallowing.

On a personal level, Nicolle loves spending time on her land nurturing a very young food forest, embracing the permaculture ethics, “Earth care, People Care, Fair Share”

Nicolle loves that all her roles overlap and enrich each other enabling her to deliver with passion and keep her approach fresh and exciting.

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5 star rating

Your course ‘massage for dementia’ was truly inspirational and has fuelled us in the creation of our new business, so this is an update on our progress in the last four months. “We have been massaging in one care home for a while now; massaging a few private patients weekly. Pip’s prior contacts in the ho…me, plus our weekly presence has opened up the opportunity to demonstrate our skills to the other residents, this we do in the form of a ‘pamper day’.The ‘pamper days’ are something we started before christmas at another care home, with great success. There, we arranged a meeting with the matron and activities manager and offered our service for a morning, free of charge. We had a huge response; which made the home, particularly the activities manager, the patients and ourselves look and feel superb! We now massage in that home each month with a minimum of 10 patients. We are currently in dialogue with a third home and will offer another pamper day with the aim of watching our business grow, one home at a time. Also, Pip through a spontaneous and somewhat random conversation with her G.P, enrolled her in the benefits of touch as a form of communication. The G. P. has asked for as many pamphlets and cards as we can provide. The pamphlets can make us known to more private patients and more importantly to relatives of patients, which can then gain us access to more care and private homes. It is extremely early days, however we are finding that if you can get yourself into a position of demonstrating what is possible with our therapy, enrolling others into your world inevitably follows. So thank you for teaching and inspiring us, and please share this with future therapists, the more that our out there doing our work, the more our work will flow.” Victoria Brill, Mind Body and Soul Massage Therapy

Vicky Brill (March 10, 2014)