School of Natural Therapies is now a member of the UK Spa Association (UKSA)

2022-11-10T14:30:07+00:00Oncology Massage|

The School of Natural Therapies has recently joined the UK Spa Association (UKSA) as a member for Spa Education and we were invited to submit out first article, which explores the important and very topical subject of mental health. Our article explores one particular aspect, relating to mental health in relation to those undergoing cancer treatment. This is a subject that we discuss during our 3-day Foundation Level in Cancer Care Massage Diploma course: - Here is the article we published October saw once again, Mental Health Awareness week; important dates for us to remember as industry professionals and operators; it is vital that we understand as many aspects of mental health as we can. In our work as international oncology educators, we are aware of the relevance of mental health in relation to those who are undergoing cancer treatment, and who have completed that chapter of their lives, but still live with long term side effects of treatment such as pain, numbness, tingling, tightness, lymphoedema, sleep disruption, anxiety [...]