Lemon Essential Oil


Lemon Essential Oil Perfect used in an Aroma Diffuser to clear and refresh the air. Lemon is a stimulating, happy essential oil which can help to lift the spirits, clear groggy minds and leave you feeling alert and refreshed. With exam season on the horizon put two drops of Lemon essential oil on a tissue and inhale slowly to help ease feelings of panic and anxiousness. Headache and migraine sufferers can benefit from using Lemon essential oil. Blended in a Rollerball and applied to the temples to ease the pain and tension. As an effective cleanser, Lemon essential oil is particularly useful when correctly blending into facial products to help with skin complaints, particularly for oily patches and the T-Zone. Keep Safe: Maximum dose is 4 drops in 20ml of carrier oil. Lemon essential oil is phototoxic so it is important to avoid exposure to direct sunlight or sunbed for 12 hours following use of diluted oil. To find out more, join us on our next essential oil journey to become a qualified ITEC Aromatherapist. https://www.schoolofnaturaltherapies.co.uk/course/itec-diploma-in-aromatherapy-for-the-complementary-therapist/ [...]