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Accredited Diploma in Organic Facial Therapy 

There is now a huge industry demand for natural and organic skincare, as well as the need for a nurturing hands-on approach to facials. 

This course will qualify you to provide an additional service to your massage clients – it is an organic facial and skincare routine which includes specialised massage techniques to the face, head, neck and shoulders. 

Many people are now mindful of the products used on their skin, particularly their face, and seek anti-ageing skincare treatments. 

Katie will teach her specialised massage techniques for the face, neck and shoulders to lift and tone the skin and muscles, utilising organic facial products made by hand on the south coast of England. This can be used as a complementary treatment within a bodywork session, aromatherapy treatment or can be linked with any alternative therapy to make these treatments a complete holistic experience for the client and therapist. 

Throughout the Organic Facial Therapy training, you will learn about the benefits of Organic skincare products and the essential techniques for a facial therapy treatment, including:

How to apply the products to a treatment that 

  • Cleanses the face
  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Uses specialised massage techniques for the face, neck and shoulders, which will lift and tone the skin and facial muscles.
  • Incorporates the application of a face mask
  • Uses a skin toner, to tighten the skin
  • Ends with some effective finishing touches and facial products, to complete the treatment. 

Course Structure

This 2-day accredited course will consist of the following:

Pre-learning material, which you will receive after paying your course deposit. 

This will incorporate revision of the anatomy and functions of the skin, bones and muscles of the face and neck, blood supply and lymphatic functions of the face.

Theory – in-class revision of the above, plus the following:

  • Skin types
  • Skin conditions
  • Contraindications and precautions
  • Contra-actions
  • Health and Safety and patch testing
  • How to conduct a complete facial skin analysis and consultation with your client
  • An introduction to organic facial skin products, including cleanser, face scrub, face mask, skin toner, and moisturiser, which are part of the facial routine.
  • What is organic?
  • Insurance, DPA and GDPR regulations and legislation

Practical – this will form most of the two days and will include: 

  • Essential equipment and health & safety.
  • Treatment products
  • Recommended equipment
  • Treatment preparation
  • Consultation practical and practice
  • Application of products
  • Massage of face, neck and shoulders
  • Facial routine
  • Use of hot towels and associated equipment for the routine
  • Grounding clients to finish the treatment
  • Aftercare advice and product recommendations for the client.

Case Studies 

You will be required to complete six case studies to achieve certification.

Course Fees

  • The course cost is £359.00 which includes products, equipment, case study marking and feedback certification.
  • An initial deposit of £59.00 is required, leaving a balance of £300.00, which must be paid at least six weeks before the course date.  
  • Organic Facial Products Starter Kit– a discounted organic skincare starter kit will be available to pre-order, which will be supplied during the course.


Continuous assessment throughout the two days.

Additionally, on day two:

  • Multiple-choice paper (25 questions) on pre-learning course theory notes and day one theory sessions.
  • Practical assessment – an end-of-course 85-minute treatment will be performed, which will include:
    • Consultation/skin assessment
    • Correct application of skincare products
    • Practical facial and massage techniques
    • Client care and aftercare advice.
  • Evidence of six case studies – to be completed after the course and within two months.


To follow

Course Tutor

Katie Light

Course Dates and Info

Course times and duration – 2 days, 09.30-17.30
Dates – 21st and 22nd October 2024 ( 2 full practical days in class)
Venue – Clapham Venue
Course Fees – £295.00
Deposit £59.00

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