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Massaging People with Dementia

Qualification gained: Certificate of Attendance with 5 CPD points with FHT

Massaging Persons who Live with Dementia is a progressive, award winning, one day training course which will give you the tools to set up a positive, relationship with a client who lives with dementia so that you can provide the most effective treatment for them if they wish.

Are you qualifying or qualified in massage or hands on therapies, but wish to advance your skills, and build on your current knowledge to gain confidence to practice more proficiently in the specialist field of dementia? Are you a carer or professional who wishes to use meaningful, nurturing touch and inventive ways to connect and communicate compassionately with loved ones or clients?

The course is all about enabling. Enabling you to approach a person living with dementia on their terms so they can feel comfortable about the possibility of receiving a massage. Enabling you to understand what a person needs so you can tailor their treatment to suit them better. Enabling the person living with dementia to feel heard, understood, better understand your intentions and make choices. 

Together, we dispel some of the myths around dementia as well as celebrate the positive aspects and the strengths so we can navigate difficulties such as communication with more ease. This includes how we seek permission, how we work within the law and how you can better promote your practice with improved understanding of the benefits of massage for persons living with dementia.

This is a very exciting opportunity to attend a unique, & in turn, fun & profound training day which combines the latest specialist techniques and approaches to genuinely enable people with dementia feel more comfortable about touch. This course will springboard you towards gaining the skills to deliver a fantastic hands-on package to some wonderful individuals using the language of touch.

Course Structure

  • Introductions and expectations
  • Understand your role and channel your passion
  • Defining dementia through an empathic lens
  • Understand how trauma can impact a person living with dementia
  • Learn benefits of massage for people living with dementia to sell your service well
  • Compassionate communication – it’s deeply relational work
  • Legislation – how it empowers you and your client
  • Consent – an exploration of consent with vulnerable people including non-verbal consent
  • Looking after yourself!
  • Contracts and contraindications
  • Massage techniques that fulfill clients needs and enable expression
  • Reflection

Course Fees

1 day CPD £200.00
A deposit of £40.00 will secure your place.

Course fees may be paid in 2 instalments or in full. The balance must be paid at least 2 weeks prior to the course date to retain your booking.

The course fees include the following:

  • Guided learning in class with tutor support.
  • Comprehensive manual.
  • Certificate for successfully completing course if assessment allows for qualified therapists, certificate of attendance for non qualifies attendees (e.g. carers, nurses etc).
  • Upon successful completion of course, entry onto therapists directory for people who can offer Massage to People who live with Dementia.
  • A friendly and relaxed learning environment.
  • Ongoing support from tutor if needed.


Are there any entry requirements to take this course?
ITEC Anatomy, Physiology & Holistic Massage or equivalent or desire to build a positive relationship with someone who lives with dementia through meaningful touch

Course Tutor

Nicolle Mitchell

Course Dates and Info

Saturday: 24th June 2023 – School of Natural Therapies date

Nicolle has additional UK dates as well throughout the U.K. in 2023. Please email or call us to enquire about any of the alternative venues below: – 

Friday 31st March 2023 – BRISTOL

Saturday 29th April 2023 – BRIGHTON

Friday 19th May 2023 – CORNWALL

Thursday 20th July 2023 – YORK

Friday 10th November 2023 – CORNWALL


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Latest Reviews

5 star rating

Just to elaborate a little on the course with Nicolle – I liked her very much and her approach – she had many anecdotes to illustrate her experience in the subject and to inspire – an experiential exercise for us to appreciate quite how it feels to be less physically capable than we are now and begin to put ourselves into the shoes of the dementia patient – it gave insight and reassurance to those inexperienced with them to feel confident in approaching them – others there who were carers at a home were also able to add their anecdotes and experience – she created an informal atmosphere but with appropriate respect for the subject. Theory in the morning and practical in the later part of afternoon.

I would, and have, recommended it highly.

Helle (April 28, 2017)

5 star rating

Your course ‘massage for dementia’ was truly inspirational and has fuelled us in the creation of our new business, so this is an update on our progress in the last four months. “We have been massaging in one care home for a while now; massaging a few private patients weekly. Pip’s prior contacts in the ho…me, plus our weekly presence has opened up the opportunity to demonstrate our skills to the other residents, this we do in the form of a ‘pamper day’.The ‘pamper days’ are something we started before christmas at another care home, with great success. There, we arranged a meeting with the matron and activities manager and offered our service for a morning, free of charge. We had a huge response; which made the home, particularly the activities manager, the patients and ourselves look and feel superb! We now massage in that home each month with a minimum of 10 patients. We are currently in dialogue with a third home and will offer another pamper day with the aim of watching our business grow, one home at a time. Also, Pip through a spontaneous and somewhat random conversation with her G.P, enrolled her in the benefits of touch as a form of communication. The G. P. has asked for as many pamphlets and cards as we can provide. The pamphlets can make us known to more private patients and more importantly to relatives of patients, which can then gain us access to more care and private homes. It is extremely early days, however we are finding that if you can get yourself into a position of demonstrating what is possible with our therapy, enrolling others into your world inevitably follows. So thank you for teaching and inspiring us, and please share this with future therapists, the more that our out there doing our work, the more our work will flow.” Victoria Brill, Mind Body and Soul Massage Therapy

Victoria Brill (March 10, 2016)