We were over the moon when, this October, the National Massage Championships asked us to judge three of their awards.

The NMCs are a prestigious two-day event that take place every year in Olympia, London. It showcases the skills and finesse of massage therapists across various specialities. 

Marc InnesMarc Innes, our Principal, judged the Spa & Wellness Massage and Chair Massage categories. ‘To be asked to judge these feels like a hallmark of one’s work and devotion,’ he says. 

As part of his role, Marc assessed the massage techniques used, and how each participant delivered their service. 

‘Some of the therapists’ skills looked amazing, especially in the Spa & Wellness category. I occasionally felt envious of the person on the couch,’ he says. ‘I was also impressed by the clever, innovative techniques used in the Chair Massage award.’

However, he also noticed how some therapists worked themselves too hard. ‘Not every massage tool in the proverbial toolbox has to be included to the point of exhaustion,’ he warns. ‘As a judge, I would rather witness a set of well executed techniques, put together in the logical flow of a routine.’

Joseph O’Dwyer, our Director of Sport & Remedial Studies, judged the categories of Freestyle and Chair Massage. ‘To have your opinion recognised as valued is a compliment of the highest order,’ he says. ‘It’s a responsibility not to be taken lightly.’

Joseph enjoyed the creativity demonstrated in both categories. However, sometimes the competitive flair the participants used didn’t always work. ‘They detracted from the time and energy directed to the client,’ he says.

In the end, the final place winners were unanimously singled out. As Joseph says, ‘It was a privileged experience and no doubt a learning curve for all involved.’

Marc adds, ‘It was a fantastic experience, where I felt that I also learnt loads – even as a judge.’

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